Confirmed COVID-19 Case Dashboard

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Since the first day of school, Aug. 20, 2020



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 About this Report 
  • The dashboard shows the number of students and staff attending or working in brick-and-mortar schools with confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  • Sept. 28 clarification: The dashboard only reports Duval County Public School employee or student cases impacting school operations. The total number of employees or students diagnosed with COVID-19 may be higher.
  • Nov. 2 update - To improve the timeliness of reporting, a case will be posted when it is a confirmed positive COVID-19 case. Previous to Nov. 2, cases were posted at the completion of the contact investigation of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case.
  • Student cases are reported based on those attending in person classes, as well as extra-curricular participants, and not those solely enrolled through Duval HomeRoom or Duval Virtual.
  • All data are provisional and subject to change based on confirmed updates.
  • The dashboard is updated daily by approximately 8 p.m.

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